Top tips for celebrating Christmas in a care home

With Christmas drawing ever close, it’s time to begin thinking about celebrating Christmas in the care home environment. For many residents, this could be a distressing time as they are away from family and friends or even confused about the change in routine and décor. However, Christmas is often a happy time for most residents: provoking nostalgic memories.
As an independent care home inspection body, RDB Star Rating Ltd was established to drive up standards within the care sector. We are championing best practice, providing independent assessments to improve and excel care establishments across the country. Ensuring the very best care for vulnerable individuals is at the very core of our company ethos, so the Christmas period is a chance for homes to go above and beyond.
At this time of year, it’s vital that care homes across the UK celebrate with the residents in mind: catering for an array of dietary requirements, personalities, limitations and illnesses. We’ve compiled a list of practical solutions and tips to ensure that each resident and team member can enjoy the festive period.
1. Start planning now. This will give you plenty of time to plan for increased visitation, food and special activities
2. Ask your residents what they would like to do. Whilst you can’t please everyone, remember many residents have traditions they would like to uphold.
3. Be mindful of those who struggle to eat. Offering a tasty soup alternative for those who cannot chew will be appreciated.
4. Try to prepare as much as possible the day before, to keep the atmosphere relaxed on Christmas Day.
5. As a care giver, try to participate in the activities to make it a special day for everyone.
6. Stick to traditional music, movies and decorations to help evoke happy memories for your residents.
7. Don’t be disheartened if your residents don’t seem to be enjoying themselves. They may be missing family members and those with dementia may not be able to verbalise their feelings.
8. Try to stick to the resident’s routine to provide them with comfort, whilst celebrating Christmas. Don’t over-stimulate or keep reminding residents who have forgotten it’s Christmas as this can cause anxiety.
Whilst the care of your residents is your priority, it’s important to make individuals feel special at Christmastime. From all at RDB Star Rating Ltd, we hope that these tips can help you to have a truly merry Christmas.

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