The RDB Philosophy


The Assessment Process

The assessment takes between 2 – 5 days, depending on the size and categories of care the home is registered for. The ‘quality of care’ delivered, is viewed from several different perspectives across the model, to give the most robust and reliable measure of the care provider’s actual working practices.

Outcome assessment

Where possible, care is assessed in terms of outcomes achieved and therefore how a care provider chooses to fulfil a care standard, is fully flexible.  Care Providers are therefore not discriminated against based on the category of care for which they are registered for, the wishes of their current clients, or by constraints brought about by policy or size of home.


Benchmarked care standards

Attainment on each care standard is benchmarked against the RDB profiles for 2,3,4 and 5-star performance.  This ensures that different aspects of care are appropriately weighted and that the model effectively identifies quality providers, in the current marketplace.


The role of the RDB Care Quality Assessor (CQA) is to collect data from an interview-driven process, to enable assessment of the current working practices. The CQA works closely with the home to understand its philosophy of care, the working practices in the home, and how its care outcomes are achieved. Interviews are carried out with residents, staff, and management and in addition, residents and staff complete confidential questionnaires, which are benchmarked.

The role of the CQA is one of data collection not evaluation and therefore they do not get involved in the calculation of the home’s star ratings.  This ensures that both the assessment and the evaluation of the homes’ care practices remain distinct and objective. 

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