Star Rating Graphs

Star Rating Graphs These graphs depict a home’s attainment of star ratings, which range from two to five stars.

To ensure that the RDB awards system is fair and unbiased, Care Quality Assessors (CQAs) do not make the decision on the overall outcome of the inspection. Instead, RDB uses a bespoke database which calculates the overall star rating of the home and the star rating for each care standard the home is benchmarked against. The profiles for each RDB care standard have been set to reflect where the Industry currently stands, therefore the profiles can be adjusted over time.

Example graph of a 3 star care home


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The RDB Awards Following each inspection RDB sends the care home a certificate and plaque to display.

Star Ratings reflect

2 star - an average standard of care

3 star - a good standard of care

4 star - a very good standard of care

5 star - an excellent standard of care





Crowns are awarded for the care homes property and additional services once it has achieved a four or five-star rating for its care.

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