RDB Assessment Reports

RDB Assessment Report The RDB Star Rating Assessment is designed to be developmental, evaluative and flexible to assist homes committed to delivering a quality service. Therefore, the report has been written to highlight strengths within the home and to identify the RDB care standards which should be reviewed and developed.

The report provides accurate information on the home’s care provision at the time of the assessment. The evidence for the RDB assessment data is collected by the Care Quality Assessor (CQA) from interviews with Management, Residents and Staff whilst reviewing the homes policies, procedures and documentation.

The information contained within this report provides a detailed analysis of the home’s care provision (actual and perceived) as assessed against the RDB care standards and questionnaires and contains the following:

  • Star rating achieved
  • Resident and personnel survey graphs
  • Star rating graphs
  • A summary report

The dynamic nature of the assessment process and its focus on person-centred care, staff knowledge, attitudes and behaviours as well as resident experience means that any changes in management, staff or residents over the last 12 months will have a bearing on the home’s results, when compared to the previous RDB star rating assessment.

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Benefits of the RDB Star Rating Scheme

Participating in the annual RDB Star Rating scheme is an excellent way for providers and managers to demonstrate how they deliver safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led care with compassion, dignity, and respect.

For the Residents and the Public, it:

  • Enhances transparency to purchasers of care
  • Enables prospective clients and their families to make an informed choice
  • Provides the public with up to date holistic, reliable and monitored, standards
  • Involves residents in the assessment process through interviews and confidential questionnaires

For Providers and Managers RDB Provides:

  • An holistic view of the care and services provided
  • A nationally recognised symbol of ‘quality’ of between two and five stars
  • An independent validated second opinion
  • Reports and data to drive ‘quality’ improvement
  • Benchmarked graphs from confidential residents and personnel surveys
  • Crowns for their property and additional facilities
  • Assists with their regulatory compliance
  • Re-assurance to banks and insurance companies
  • Assists in attracting and retaining staff
  • Effective ‘quality’ marketing tool

NHS and Local Authorities

  • Assists with market shaping, consistency, and sustainability
  • Assists compliance with ‘Best Value’
  • Promotes local partnerships
  • The annual RDB star rating assessment provides the NHS and Local Authorities, with independent validated evidence on the ‘quality’ of care provided by care homes and nursing homes in their local authority area.

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