RDB Star Rating assessment process: everything you need to know

RDB Star Rating was founded in 1997, with the mission of improving and managing the quality of residential care across the UK. Over twenty years later, we have established ourselves as a benchmarking scheme in the care sector and have helped raised standards of care in countless residential care facilities. With the number of care homes across the UK choosing to participate in an RDB Star Rating, we’d like to take the opportunity to explain how our in-depth assessment process works.

As an additional inspection to the regulatory Care Quality Commission (CQC), an RDB Star Rating allows visitors, residents and staff to see, at a glance, how the care home is performing. Our annual assessments, conducted through an array of interviews and questionnaires, provide valuable insights to the residential home’s management. Our assessment process is very thorough, but quite simple:

1. Registration
We send an expression of interest form to your home and, once acknowledged, we will send a registration pack along with an invoice and a contract for you to sign. On receipt of the completed documents and payment, we will arrange an assessment date.

2. Preparation
A participant’s workbook is sent to the home for management to complete, either in hard copy or online, and is given to the assessor on arrival. We also send out questionnaires for residents and staff to complete before the visit.

3. Assessment
The assessment takes between two to five days to complete, depending on the size and category of care within the home. During our visit we will assessing over 200 care standards, with between 10-16 items of evidence collected during the interviews with management, staff and residents.

4. Report
After the assessment, an in-depth report is produced to highlight both strengths and areas for improvement. Included in the report is the home’s star rating (between two to five stars), graphical feedback, survey and questionnaire results, and the assessor’s comments. The home will then receive a certificate and plaque to proudly display their rating.

Our comprehensive assessments have come to be recognised as a reliable symbol of quality across the UK. By undertaking a residential assessment that complements the mandatory inspections, your care establishment is ready to prove its high-quality standards. Not only does this help with your marketing and advertising campaigns, but it empowers those looking for care facilities to make a more informed decision. Contact us today to begin the inspection process for your residential care home on 01273 411811or email us at rdb@rdbstar-rating.com

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