RDB Awards

RDB Awards RDB Star Rating Awards are a reflection of the inspection of the care and services provided by the care home on the day of the inspection.

Star Rating

  • 2 star – an average standard of care
  • 3 star – a good standard of care
  • 4 star – a very good standard of care
  • 5 star – an excellent standard of care

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The Crown Awards The RDB Crown Award is an additional certification to the RDB Star Rating, to reflect the standard of service and facilities of the care home, but can only be achieved by homes that achieve a minimum of an RDB 4 Star Rating.

The crown ratings are cumulative, therefore to achieve a 4 Crowns Rating, the home has to satisfy the criteria of a 3 Crowns Rating. Similarly, to achieve 5 Crowns, the home will need to satisfy the criteria of both the 3 and 4 Crowns. The criteria we look at are grouped into the following section headings:

Star Rating

  • Section 1 – Residents’ Rooms
  • Section 2 – Additional Services Offered
  • Section 3 – Facilities

On achieving the Crowns Award, the home will be provided with a Crowns Award Certificate, which can be displayed within the care home and is valid for one year in line with the RDB Star Rating Award.

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