'Driving up Standards in Care'

RDB Star Rating was established in 1997 to develop an accreditation system specifically for the care sector. It was developed, after lengthy consultation with the broadest range of interested parties.

This partnership approach included key stakeholders from the

independent sector, the voluntary sector and the local authorities and

helped to break down some of the barriers which had been prevalent in

the care sector at that time.

Based on the principles of best practice benchmarking, this accreditation focuses exclusively on the outcomes of care and, thus, provides a real measure of the 'quality of life' for residents.

The benefits of the RDB Star Rating Accreditation:

  • Standardised assessment
  • Interview driven data collection
  • Assessment of documentation
  • Holistic and objective
  • Powerful management tool
  • Powerful motivational tool
  • Residents and Staff Survey Graphs
  • Comprehensive Accreditation Report in graphical format
  • Supported by the Care Sector
  • Complimentary to CQC Inspections
  • Currently undergoing UKAS validation